Sunday, 31 March 2013

The one and Only: Yoko Ono

A few years ago I was asked if I could make a dancer look like a sunflower for a performance by Yoko Ono and Basement Jaxx on the Jools Holland Show

Although I have not always liked or maybe appreciated Yoko Onos work I have a huge respect and fascination for her individuality.
I never got to meet her backstage on the Jools Holland Show I remember I had to send a young student to dress the sunflower dancer although I struggle to think now what could have been more important than the chance to meet Yoko...?
So, to Yokos latest adventure a fashion/art collaboration with Opening Ceremony.
The actual mens clothes/underwear are ..challenging, as you would expect but this little animation is the coolest fun thing I have seen in a long while.

Oh and if you haven't seen it heres my sunflower 

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