Saturday, 30 June 2012

Kriss Soonik - A Lingerie Tea Party

The Lingerie Collective event starts tomorrow, it's the first show of the season for designers to launch their Spring/Summer 2013 Collections to the buyers and press. 
This designer lingerie show has become a great showcase for up and coming designers and also the best of more established small businesses. 

Last week I was lucky enough to catch up with the lovely Kriss Soonik to chat about her lingerie/loungewear label and to have a sneak peek at her new collection launching tomorrow at the Lingerie Collective. 
Following the successful launch of her bridal underwear collection for Spring/Summer 2012 the exciting news is Kriss will be launching a brand new Swim and Beach Collection at the show. Expect her signature shapes in chic, modern colour combinations. I'm putting in an order already!
What makes Kriss Soonik unique to me is her commercial approach to multi functional design within her garments and how she challenges her customers to experiment and to try out new ways of wearing her pieces. 'Underwear to Outerwear' as a statement doesn't really cover it, it's less about exposure and more about exploring your individuality and not being restricted by an 'underwear' label.
Kriss really is the best advert for her collection, she makes the  styling of her pieces into an outfit look effortless. For some of us it may take a little bit more effort but is well worth it to achieve a look that sets you apart from the crowd.

shop KRISS SOONIK here


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tell me I'm your National Anthem

I'm slightly over excited waiting to see the HOUSE OF BLUEEYES dress I created for Lana Del Rey in it's full glory in her new video for the National Anthem single.

Lana is wearing the dress in the single artwork released last week. I will tell you more later about the collaboration with the  amazing cutter Tim O'Sullivan see Tims work here .. to create the exact shape and silhouette.
The teaser trailer released today (see link below) gets tantalisingly close to revealing it but looks like I will have to wait like everyone else until the full video is released soon and then I can tell you more about it's creation....

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sides with that?

Oh is the sun still out?

Ok so it's not a new look but I still love it. 
Flashing a bit of side bra. 
 Approached with caution we can all try it. If you are worried about the slightest bit of side fat go for a longer line bra or corset top, it worked for Kristen Stewart at Coachella. For the fuller figure you can always wear a great support bra and then layer a bandeau over. Do not flash any old, worn and raggedy bras, no matter how much they may be your favourite. Think of it as an excuse to go out shopping and make a new fresh lingerie purchase.
Clashing colour, check Miley Cyrus. Prints and even a bit of sparkle is great or even default to sexy black. 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Turn of the Century

I'm going to risk it, the Sun's been out for at least a day and a half so I'm going to slip in a post on Summer Cottons before it disappears

What is it about the turn of the century garments that gives us such a wealth of inspiration? 
I wonder if all those all those layers of ruffles, frills, lace, trussed up in corsets with a bonnet on top was the final straw for the women of that era. It makes sense as Women won the right to vote in 1918 after years of protests, hunger strikes and imprisonments. It is surely no coincidence that the trussed up decadence of the Edwardian era turned into the liberated, flat chested boyish 1920s.
 The great thing nowadays is that new technologies allow us to take the beautiful handwork of that era and interpret it for a new generation using modern techniques such as laser cutting, printing and bonding. 

Friday, 22 June 2012

What are friends for

Hmmmm smart thinking Araks

Give you friends and workmates some underwear and get them to photograph them in their own style and then use them for your lookbook, genius. 
Of course it does help that the friends and fans of the Araks brand include Alexa Chung, Harley Viera-Newton and Michele Williams.
But hey, if you got it flaunt it

And my very favourite pic has to be this one

oh shop it

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Julien Macdonald Bespoke

JM has launched a Bespoke Collection to showcase the skills of his in house Atelier

♡ these body con pieces.
 This is how I hope everyone will dress in the far away future when we have either all morphed into similar looking creatures due to the capabilities of plastic surgery or we have been completely taken over by fabulously sophisticated robots.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nude gone Bad

Hmmm Kim, nude underwear should be just that ..nude

There's a few simple things you should ask yourself before leaving the house. 
Is this amazing dress more suited for an evening event?
Does the underwear I'm wearing suit my dress?
Is this the kind of underwear I want to make a statement with  today ?
Is my nude underwear the same colour as my skin?

If you are having a comfy or controlling underwear day it's preferable not to share it with the world.

For future ref Kim, Black would have been a good choice for your underwear slip and would have created a new look to a dress thats been seen on lots of celebs

Monday, 18 June 2012

Do not Disturb

Ellen Von Unwerth, has remained one of the most prominent female photographers of women in lingerie.
She manages to strike a balance between exposure and control. She gives girlieness an attitude and celebrates womanhood with confidence.

Her latest exhibition in London at the Michael Hoppen Gallery was shot at the Madonna Inn in LA. 
It celebrates the different types and facets of women by using the hotels incredible themed fantasy rooms as a backdrop. 
Each room has a completely different look and Von Unwerth conjures up a different type of fantasy weekend for each.
 It's a double whammy for me as anyone that knows me will vouch for the fact I love a good themed hotel! and I am a big fan of Ellen Von Unwerth who has shot some amazing pics of my lingerie pieces in editorials over the years.

Ellen Von Unwerth
Ellen Von Unwerth
Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen Von Unwerth

Exhibition starts on June 22nd

Michael Hoppen Gallery
3 Jubilee Place,
London SW3 3TD

Friday, 15 June 2012

Boyfriend Boxers

Boxers for him or for her ?

I'm having a moment of boyishness. Actually I've never really been a girly girl so I'm just probably to reverting to type.
So I've been on the hunt for lingerie labels that will satisfy my need for simple, comfortable, chic with a dash of sex appeal.
Then I discovered Yasmine Eslami and already I am a big fan.
It's not going to satisfy the very blessed, it's french after all, but great for the just enough gang.
Check out her latest collaboration with artist Sylvie Auvray who has designed little embroideries for the classic Andreas Boxer Shorts...cute.
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