Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sides with that?

Oh is the sun still out?

Ok so it's not a new look but I still love it. 
Flashing a bit of side bra. 
 Approached with caution we can all try it. If you are worried about the slightest bit of side fat go for a longer line bra or corset top, it worked for Kristen Stewart at Coachella. For the fuller figure you can always wear a great support bra and then layer a bandeau over. Do not flash any old, worn and raggedy bras, no matter how much they may be your favourite. Think of it as an excuse to go out shopping and make a new fresh lingerie purchase.
Clashing colour, check Miley Cyrus. Prints and even a bit of sparkle is great or even default to sexy black. 

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