Friday, 30 November 2012

Winter Sunshine in my Underwear drawer!

Well it's a frosty morning in London this morning so wrap up warm if you are in the city

I'm thinking some zing to my underwear might make those layers a bit easier to bear!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

5 things I love about Germany

I'm in Germany doing some work at the mo and I just got to thinking

Helmut Newton.
notoriously difficult to work with but knows how to portray a strong woman or two
I think this may have been the film that made me go all gay
Claudia Schiffer.
loved her wearing one of my antique Kimonos in Vogue
The Reichstag.
not for the history but for the old meets new architecture

 Ellen Von Unwerth.
just because

Friday, 23 November 2012

Let's have a bit of Structure

If the early previews of S/S 2013 collections is anything to go by the trend for linear structures in lingerie, bodywear and Womenswear is still going strong

There's a kind of fashion timeline in my head with regards to this dissected fashion and lingerie silhouette

* 18th century: Some corsets were made to emphasise their structure with ribbon and openwork
 * Paco Rabanne: placed women in  modern guilded cages to embrace the modern
* Jean Paul Gaultier: Pared the corset back to it's bones and insert it into jackets and dresses
* Marlies Dekkers: The first to outline lingerie with linear straps designed to be seen 
* Bordelle: Made complete lingerie pieces in straps
* Gareth Pugh: Uses the look of structure fabrics to create a clean, modern, futuristic ideal.
* Fleet Ilya: Took bondage inspiration, designed and refined it in beautiful leathers and wore it over clothes creating a brand new accessory.
* Chromat: Took the corset structure and built it playfully around and away from the body 

I've no doubt with the advent of 3D printing structure will be an ongoing design conversation. I'm excited to see the next re-interpretation  

Thursday, 22 November 2012

New purchases: If you can't beat it join it:

Maybe my latest purchases are inspired by the grey overcast days of late.  

Weirdly I have had a major fashion purchase spurt over the last month. Weird because it follows a period of abstinence after reminding myself that I really had enough clothes, was running out of space and actually could do with getting rid of somethings that don't fit me and actually never have. I made a concerted effort to revisit my wardrobe with a fresh eye, dry cleaning, hand washing, moth proofing, darning, ebaying and getting shoes reheeled and polished. It was so cathartic that I think I might try it every year, sort of like fasting for lent or Ramadan.
The exciting thing was waiting for the fast to end, what would it be that was so fabulous I just couldn't resist and before I knew it I was somewhat willingly back off the wagon.
See what you think below.
(Cough) This isn't everything (Margiela for h&m is yet to arrive), give me a chance I don't want to rush into an overdose.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Saddle Up

I've only really ridden a horse once

I remember wanting a pony for a moment as a kid. 
Looking back I blame it on being obsessed by the tv series of the time FLAMBARDS, hard to imagine now when you look back at it but you kinda had to be there. Come to think about it, I also went through a phase of desperately wanting to be posh and go to private school, that programme had a lot to answer for.
Thankfully the only longer lasting effects of this childhood obsession is a an ongoing love of saddlery accessories and equestrian outfits which I frequently look to for inspiration.
 So this season I am relishing the gorgeous images of Miranda Kerr in Harpers Bazaar and Gucci's revisting of its heritage with it's unashamedly luxury advertising featuring the granddaughter of Grace Kelly, Charlotte Casiraghi.  
Tally Ho!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Where does inspiration come from?

In the last two weeks I've seen two corset bodys that seem to share more than a passing resemblance to a piece created by Mr Pearl for Galliano S/S 1997 Collection

I am not adverse to looking at landmark designers for inspiration. It's what you take and how you interpret it that matters, if you want to create something that then becomes your own. You could take inspiration from the creative 'style' of John Galliano who researches vintage references and interprets them in an even more beautiful way in modern fabrics, finishes and style and then try matching the dedication to craftmanship of Mr Pearl. Now that is what I would love to see the end product of.
Just please don't do a poor versione

John Galliano S/S 1997
Victorias Secret November 2012
 Christina Aguilera 40th American Music Awards

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Myla: S/S 2013 Collection Preview

With only 5 weeks until Xmas arrives and 6 before the New Year is upon us it's time to look at what lingerie delights we can expect in the Spring.

Mylas new Collection is certainly a fresh breath of Spring in this crisp Autumn chill. Their classic collections will be updated in lush colour combinations like Zest and Dark Midnight, Aquamarine and Desire Red and their body silk smooth pieces are reinterpreted in a sophisticated raisin colour which should brighten up any dull skintone in the anticipation of the big summer reveal later on on the season.
Expect to see some new soft bondage elements to the collection, some amazing suspender silhouettes and a beautifully delicate soft triangle bra. 
If you are still looking for something special for Xmas their Haute Myla Collection of luxury edited pieces is now available at Harrods, all the sparkle and glamour you could wish for!

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