Sunday, 11 November 2012

Inside Out

Underwear is being worn to be seen again

but it's not about wearing a corset top with a pencil skirt or tailored trouser anymore, this time it's all about the reveal of outfit co-ordinated statement bras and knickers 
Bras have become so beautiful and designed why hide them, show off their strappy backs under a sheer blouse and definately don't try and hide a nude bra under a cream blouse, it's a statement black bra or nothing.
Some young and brave fashionistas are even happily exposing their lower halves in sheer skirts allbeit revealing a pretty substantial big knicker teamed with a doc marten boot that could easily see off any unwanted lecherous advances.
Just think about this, if anything can make shapewear sexy wearing barely anything on top of it should do it.

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