Thursday, 22 November 2012

New purchases: If you can't beat it join it:

Maybe my latest purchases are inspired by the grey overcast days of late.  

Weirdly I have had a major fashion purchase spurt over the last month. Weird because it follows a period of abstinence after reminding myself that I really had enough clothes, was running out of space and actually could do with getting rid of somethings that don't fit me and actually never have. I made a concerted effort to revisit my wardrobe with a fresh eye, dry cleaning, hand washing, moth proofing, darning, ebaying and getting shoes reheeled and polished. It was so cathartic that I think I might try it every year, sort of like fasting for lent or Ramadan.
The exciting thing was waiting for the fast to end, what would it be that was so fabulous I just couldn't resist and before I knew it I was somewhat willingly back off the wagon.
See what you think below.
(Cough) This isn't everything (Margiela for h&m is yet to arrive), give me a chance I don't want to rush into an overdose.

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