Friday, 1 June 2012

The Pearly Queen

Wow, London's gone Jubilee mental!
I've never seen so many people in the West End yesterday, not even at Christmas. In Selfridges people were practically fighting over chic paper party packs and fancy bunting.

What with all the excitement of just the preparation for Jubilee Weekend I have had to immerse myself in one of the more beautiful and sophisticated aspects of British, well London, culture the Pearly Whirly Kings and Queens.
I think pearls are creeping slowly back into fashion. 
They epitomise a chic understated luxury that's very new Generation Royal.
Just take Balmains'to die for' encrusted pearl pieces from the latest Collection, channelling beautiful elizabethan armour and
 I've always loved the use of pearls in lingerie due to the mystery of their aphrodisiac qualities (Any excuse to feature a still from one of my favourite guilty pleasure films 'Burlesque.')

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