Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gimme some Crown Jewels

The Queens Jubilee is nearly upon us and although I'm not a big royalist I do love a bit of camp sparkle

Usually reserved for Christmas, jewelled looks are all over the magazines this Summer. Perfect I say. What better time than the Summer to make a twinkly rainbow shadow by dancing in the sunlight.
Jewelled bodices and bodies are not new news, the early 1990s were full of multicoloured crystals, rhinestones and sequins. Dolce and Gabbana collection 'Le Pin Up' was full of encrusted embellishment and was famously iconified by Madonna at the launch of her new film of the day 'In bed with Madonna'.
The jewel encrusted corset I created for Madame V was unashamedly inspired by this sumptuous moment in time.
I love the latest incarnation of this trend with sparkly bra tops being worn under sheer blouses and jewelled shorts and knickers under sheer skirts, it's dressed down and easier but still satisfies twinkly needs. 

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