Monday, 7 May 2012

Curve it or Sharpen it ?

I'm working on an interesting new project which needs a fifties bra cup silhouette

The bullet bra, popular in the 1950s(potentially through lack of any other choice?)seems now to be a weird silhouette, still loved by the fetish work for its powerful angular sharp looks but actually it gives a weirdly unnatural look to the bust that has been outdated by modern moulded pads that mimic and enhance the soft curvy shape of the natural breast.
I do however love the obscure idea of a futuristic Lady GAGA world where there would be options in bras that allow you to think 'hmmm what shape do I want my boobs to be today?' rectangles?, cones?, dodecahedrons? All the current breast implants would be soooo out of date with their round old fashion  natural breast shapes! ;)

 If you fancy trying a Bullet Bra

If you fancy a Dodecahedron Bra, you will probably have to get it made specially

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