Monday, 18 June 2012

Do not Disturb

Ellen Von Unwerth, has remained one of the most prominent female photographers of women in lingerie.
She manages to strike a balance between exposure and control. She gives girlieness an attitude and celebrates womanhood with confidence.

Her latest exhibition in London at the Michael Hoppen Gallery was shot at the Madonna Inn in LA. 
It celebrates the different types and facets of women by using the hotels incredible themed fantasy rooms as a backdrop. 
Each room has a completely different look and Von Unwerth conjures up a different type of fantasy weekend for each.
 It's a double whammy for me as anyone that knows me will vouch for the fact I love a good themed hotel! and I am a big fan of Ellen Von Unwerth who has shot some amazing pics of my lingerie pieces in editorials over the years.

Ellen Von Unwerth
Ellen Von Unwerth
Ellen Von Unwerth

Ellen Von Unwerth

Exhibition starts on June 22nd

Michael Hoppen Gallery
3 Jubilee Place,
London SW3 3TD

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