Monday, 13 February 2012

Let's have a bit of Discretion: New York Fashion Week

The world of lingerie has come on leaps and bounds in fashionability and innovation over the last 10 years, although it may not seem like it if you have been wearing a wired bra all day!*, most savvy designers are realising that if they want to appeal to a wider audience they need to consider the underpinnings. 
 Generally women are unlikely to venture out of the front door with their boobs on full show and it's a bit over as a way to attract catwalk press attention to your label. So against the backdrop of the discrete New York Collections so far, its great to see more focus on underwear as part of your outfit, although it is still at early stages and sometimes still could be an afterthought, it's a start.  

Theres a new way to flash without the flesh.
At Herve Leger by Max Azria and Behnaz Sarafpour the underwear really was on the outside, at least as beautifully crafted leather girdles and waist cinchers or visible boned structuring as a kind of graphic embellishment. 

I love the 'you can see my underwear but you won't like it' look
at Wes Gordon and Lela Rose

If you are looking to embrace this trend the Summer months might the time to start experimenting, when its a bit warmer!

The ultimate in showing just enough goes to Diane Von Furstenburg, what could be sexier than an hint of a whispery lace high neck sheath dress under a winter mac.

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