Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day: Long Live Romance

Marcus Antonius,

My dearest Marc Antony, as I sit up here in this tower, I watch as you leave this earth for the life beyond. I realise I have been selfish throughout this life, only once have I ever been truly scared for someone else, that person Marc Antony was you. When the messenger arrived to tell me of your marriage to Octavius Caesar’s sister Octavia, I feared that you had died. The thoughts that were running through my head then are nothing compared to those that I have now, now that your passing has been completed. These thoughts too, scare me but I know they are the way to my eternal happiness with you my love and it is the only way I can truly avenge not only my circumstances but also for you my love and for my fair Egypt from Caesar’s cruelty. It is the only way I can escape his wrath.

Imagine the nerve of that man, no the nerve of that boy, a boy not fit enough to run an empire, to think he has a right to parade me, Cleopatra the queen of all Egypt like an animal he acquired at some cheap roman market and then hold me captive as his servant!

I pity the fool of a woman who would fall for him, he does not know how to love and respect a woman’s greatness.

You Antony, you did, you abandoned your country for me and I know that you would do it again. For that I am grateful.

Now my love I have to draw up the courage to go through with my plans, my plans for my death… Charmian is going to help me leave this life; we will forever be together in the after life the way we should have been in this one. Enobarbus once betrayed you but I never have. Even when Octavius Caesar gave me the opportunity for my own freedom if I betrayed you, I did not. That, in my own eyes is a true sign of the love I have for you.

There was a time in my life when I would have given up my son for freedom, but I have changed from that Cleopatra queen of Egypt. Did I not once tell you that I would give up my son for you? That is because I am eternally yours as you are mine, while my son is only mine for now because he one day will give his soul to another woman. Out of all the men, the warriors, the heroes and the champions you are the only one I will, would and would have given my life for… so now as I lay my body down on this. My body’s final resting place, I think of all the things I have done wrong.

So now as I live my final seconds as Cleopatra the queen of all Egypt and lover of the great Marcus Antonius, descendant of Hercules, I know my sins will be forgiven and as this poison runs through my veins my last thoughts are of your face. I will be with you for an eternity in just a very short time. So goodbye my love for a little while at least, I shall be in your arms soon.

Just remember darling; our love will be forever in history.

Eternally yours

Cleopatra, Queen of the great lands of Egypt. 

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