Thursday, 27 September 2012

Paris Fashion Week: Balmain

If you want to set your brand apart as a true luxury brand there's one very obvious way to do it by incorporating exquisite unique embellishment designs

The embroidered pieces in the S/S13 Balmain Collection shown today in Paris are beautiful works of art. A mad mix of wicker work weave mixed with 3D rococo swirls in patterns so sharp they look almost laser cut
The incredible thing is I know these pieces are quite soft and flexible, contrary maybe to your first impression. 
I'm sure they will have been created in some part by a type of embroidery technique called guipure, one of the most expensive ways of creating embroidery. It involves embroidering onto a dissolvable fabric that is then removed leaving embroidery stitches floating in patterns that look almost hand made.
It's great to see a traditional technique re invented and kept alive in such a beautiful and dramatic way

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