Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year: Fuerzabruta

Let's start the year as we intend to go on.
With a Colouful B*ang!*

Ever on the search for new things to challenge and amaze me, Fuerzabruta is one of those experiences that never ceases to make my heart beat faster. 
Following on from the amazing De la Guarda at the Roundhouse this crazy bunch of Argentinians certainly know how to get a crowd going.
I will never forget the first time I experienced De la Guarda, we were ushered like human cattle into the curtained circle of the Roundhouse in semi darkness, Bob Geldof and a young Peaches or Pixie in the mix. The background baseline of house music like a the heart beat of some fabulous creature. Suddenly we could hear and vaguely see shapes dropping and landing on a paper ceiling above our heads. As the music grew louder and louder suddenly someone on a bungey burst through the ceiling grabbed one of the audience then disappeared. They continued to burst through all around the auditorium until we all had to wrestle with the remaining pieces of the destroyed ceiling all over us.
At that point adrenaline pumping I knew this was an experience that was going to excite,inspire and stay with me.
If you want to feel alive go see Fuerzabruta. I've posted some photos to tempt you but no descriptions.
Go experience for yourself

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