Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Fever

I'm completely hooked!

The Olympics is consuming my waking hours, and I am giving into it for at least four weeks.
Although Nike are not the official sponsors of the games they have an inspiring exhibition of their innovations at Selfridges currently that is well worth a visit.
There is a major parallel between the high tech finishes and fabrics developed for sportswear and some of the most exciting innovations for underwear. 
Bonding is one such technology. 
The idea of 'glueing' seams together and being able to finish the edges of garments to produce a completely flat, invisible smooth line of garment has been used in underwear for a few years to give a comfortable no VPL effect. It is a technique that will only grow in its use and is very likely to completely revolutionise the way that clothing is constructed in the future.

Victorias Secret Racerback bra

Triumph 'Shape Sensation' Bonded Bra

Victorias Secret Bonded edge knicker

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