Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Angels have landed

There are few events that would have lured me to Westfield Stratford today of all days. What with the start of the Olympics, the searing heat and the school holidays, but the newly opened Victorias Secret store, its first in the UK was worth all the pain.

The shopping centre was crazy, much like its opening day when I got to see Nicole Scherzinger close up again, but part of the ceiling fell down and narrowly missed me and then a woman went into labour at the top of the escalator.
It's hard to tell yet if VS is going to be well received in the UK because every shop was pretty busy today but I think the timing might be just right.
It's not cheap but it is good value as the quality of the bras is great, everything you touch feels soft, comfortable and smooth and kind of seduces you to buy it even without the inyourfacesexy imagery.
The prices range from £29.50 for plain smooth cup cotton bras to £49.50 for a very lacey creation. I spotted a gorgeous memory foam strapless bra for £39.50 which is great value. The knickers are mostly on a deal 3 for £24.00 or £10 each.
What will be interesting in the UK market is that their size range is not very extensive and every bra in the store is padded so it is certainly not for everyone currently.
For me, a small busted big fan of Victorias Secret I'm glad they have arrived at last!

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