Monday, 16 July 2012

Who doesn't love a bit of French Lingerie

Running alongside the major Lingerie Trade Show in Paris  and throughout July is an exhibition celebrating the history of French lingerie.

Lejaby, Chantelle, Lou, Aubade and Princess Tam Tam are just a few of the iconic French brands that have pieces on display. 
It's really interesting to look at the evolution of the smallest essential bits of our clothing wardrobe. 
Undoubtably knickers have have had the most dramatic changes since the turn of the century. 
In a nutshell at the beginning of the century knickers were big...and loose, then they got gradually smaller up until the 1960s when they became mini. Then they got really tiny and lost their back in the 1980s and the G string was born. Since then they have been getting bigger and tighter with the advent of shapewear. Who knows what the future holds!

Short films showcase the changing face of lingerie advertising through the years and a live 3D mannequin models the styles of underwear that marked the changing eras.

Beautiful photography of the Collections by Gilles Berquet promote the exhibition

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