Sunday, 22 April 2012

Marley and Me

On Saturday night I managed to catch a showing of the first authorised documentary about the icon Bob Marley directed by the Oscar winning Kevin Macdonald.


Be warned, its an emotional roller coaster. 
I laughed, cried, tapped my foot, nodded my head and even sung along, together with the rest of the cinema, it was contagious.
Previously unseen archival footage gives a great sense of the vintage style, attitude and beautiful scenery of the Jamaica Marley grew up with. 

Amongst many things that interest me about Marley one was his understated but confident sense of style. 
Just take a denim shirt, a khaki shirt, a great fitting jean and a dash of red, gold and green. Something everyone can learn from. 
A lesson in how to wear clothes and not let them wear you.

Go see the film

Here's a preview:

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