Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Peekaboo Bra

It's sometimes frustrating when you design lingerie as you don't generally get to see women wearing your designs as regularly as say a designer that creates dresses or handbags. I have had to stop myself from gazing at women in their underwear at the gym as it's not really socially acceptable !

So I'm glad to say there's a new trend bubbling around town that might change that.
In my mind the credit goes to Dita Von Teese for setting the seed for this trend a few seasons ago with her take on a vintage silhouette for her collection with Wonderbra. This bra actually had a wire along the top edge of the bra so you get this amazing sweetheart neckline. She has gone on to repeat this look in her new collection for Australian brand Von Follies. 
Since then this trend has subtlety influenced the styling of some of the big Womenswear brands and also lots of DIY looks.
You might think it a bit brash to show off your bra but the subtleties of this look are really important.The bra should sit much higher on the neckline so it actually covers up your bust. The effect is that the bra neckline almost becomes a piece of jewellery.
 This look is definately much more about 'look at my bra' rather than 'look at my cleavage!'

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