Saturday, 14 April 2012

What Lies Beneath: Rude Noodoll

Hope my mum doesn't see this because she would be no doubt uttering the word 'dishrag' under her breath, I prefer to call it authentic vintage casual. 
I'm having a casual day, lots to do and I need to be comfortable and stylish.

 As you may have noticed already I am not a fan of a white bra, they are so high maintenance and the biggest sin of all to me is to let a greying bra strap into the world. So, while I worked at Madame V I decided I was going to create the kind of white bra I would like to wear.

It started with a collaboration with a friend of mine Yiying who created and runs the label Noodoll. Some may of thought it was odd collaboration, a cool cute character with a sexy lingerie brand but me and Yiying got on so we thought it would be fun.

We created super cute underwear pieces in soft cottons with raw edges that would get more authentic with wear rather than grey and wornout. 
Yiying created a special edition rude Noodoll, which lined all the bras and it still makes me laugh when I see it. 
So was created the perfect white cotton bra that hides some cheeky secrets and frankly some handy tips.

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