Friday, 10 August 2012

B L A M !, P O W ! : Olympic SuperGirls

There's a superhero thing going on in fashion and there's definately something going on for the TeamGB ladies at the Olympics

Let's hear it for the girls who lets remember were originally excluded from competing in the Olympics. This is the first Olympics to allow Womens Boxing, and TeamGB and Ireland smashed it, GOLD...GOLD. The Chinese girls are becoming as fast as the men in the pool. It's early days so it will be exciting to see what the future holds for sport womens performance.

In fashion the original superhero label has been recently revived by Nicola Formichetti with the aid of his muse Lady GaGa, a superwoman if ever I saw one. The dark, curvy Catwoman breezed onto the screens in the latest Batman film and check out the Australian brand Romance was born. Their A/W 2012 campaign channels a super cool multicolour cartoon print style with
 B L A M !, P O W !

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