Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dress up, glam up and shake it: Notting Hill Carnival 2012

Never one to pass on a dress up occasion the Carnival came a calling over the weekend  

Waking up this morning I realised yet again that I had spent far too much time enjoying myself at the Carnival than documenting it.
Thankfully up popped my friend Paulas facebook page with these incredible photographs of intimate details of the event, far surpassing any snaps I may have taken anyway.
So I thought I would share the love and some of the incredible costumes on show over Bank Holiday weekend to inspire you. 
There is nothing like the Carnival to inspire you to dress up, glam up and show a bit (well, a lot more) flesh than usual and feel comfortable that everyone will pretty much find you irresistible no matter what your shape or tone.

One ♡

see more of Paula's shots of the Carnival and other work

and check out here for Tweet Me Up! at Tate Modern for her latest collaboration 

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