Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nike: 3D Knitted Trainers

Sorry about the intermittent posts at the mo but I am so engrossed in the Olympics it's not right. 
The atmosphere in London is amazing!

If Mexican waving was an Olympic sport I would have been a medallist at the football on Saturday. After seeing TeamGB getting thrashed in the Handball on Monday I'm thinking I might train for the team ready for Rio. Never has there been so much support for a team that was so outclassed (oh sorry I forgot about football) Still Boxing to come tonight, I've never seen a boxing match live so I'm hoping I like it, eek and still Athletics at the end of the week, phew I need a lie down just thinking about all of that exertion!!

Anyway, just a quick note to mention another new technology in sports apparel launched by nike this week.
 The Flyknit trainer.
3D knitting has been used in shaping underwear for at least a decade so it's interesting seeing this influence other areas of apparel.
 Knitting more elastane or creating more tension in the stitches into certain areas of underwear can create lift and shape with relative comfort and without VPL. Just look at Spanx.
So it figures that this could work for supporting your foot. They also come in some lush colour combos including one that is a mixture of all the Olympic ring colours.
Haven't felt like buying trainers for a while but it's now a toss up between these and some beauties from nikes collaboration with Libertys, oh dear.

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