Monday, 27 August 2012

Stella: Far from Basic

A last the much anticipated 'affordable' collection of lingerie essentials from Stella McCartney has arrived

There's nothing more comforting than be able to reach for a simple, comfortable and perfectly functional old faithful bra as that first layer of dress in the morning.
  Undoubtably it can be much more difficult to design something beautiful that is perfectly simple and functional than something that wows you with its frou frou confection colour pzazz.
I'm thinking this Stella range has potential to be my new old faithful.

I haven't tried the shapes on yet so am trying not to jump the gun, as we well know fit and comfort is pretty high up on the need list with this kind of underwear.

The prices look good, on a par with Victoria Secret and Elle Macpherson so top end of the high street, £40 ish for a bra and around £20 for a knicker. 
As far as I can see, one style goes up to an E cup, another couple to DD and some to D, so it's a start on the size offer.
What I absolutely love is the bonded elastic edges on the back of the bras and knickers to minimise VPL and smooth out any 'back fat' (gross but reality) and the gorgeous detail of a pretty mesh fabric combined with the slinky microfibre to give a hint of sheerness over bums. I am all about the idea if you offer women comfort and sexiness combined the world can definately be a better place! 

Get in there quick, last time I looked some bra sizes selling out already!

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