Monday, 29 October 2012

Bond Girls: Ready for Action

What a glorious year of Bond excitement 2012 has been

I saw the Bond exhibition at the Barbican last month and marvelled over the the gadgets, the costume illustrations and fabulous props like the golden gun. Then this weekend I got to see the new Bond movie Skyfall. 
I think I had whipped myself into such an excited frenzy that it wasn't quite as ridiculously amazing as I thought but still a good watch and after all, a good Bond film is for watching on a Sunday afternoon at home when you can dream in private about working for MI6 or being a Bond Girl.
Lets pay homage to some of the most fabulous Bond Girls, with names like Honey Ryder, Pussy Galore, Solitaire and Jinx, always ready for action even when naked or semi dressed, now theres a skill.


I got all excited at the end thinking the twist was going to be that the new M was Eve (Naomi Harris) a young black girl with her natural hair who's not afraid to admit her mistakes, oh well.

I borrowed a Bond Girl dress once lent to me very kindly by Jenny Packham. Worn by Caterina Murino in Daniel Craigs first Bond film Casino Royale. It was a an incredibly designed dress, made with real womens curves in mind in bias cut red silk satin.
I wore it to the launch of the Madame V brand in Ukraine, it was quite a show stopper.

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