Friday, 5 October 2012

Selling Lingerie: On the Internet

With lingerie brands figuring out how they can use social media and the internet generally to their commercial and brand building advantage it can still be a bit hit and miss

I can only judge it from a personal point of view but if a product website is not interesting enough to hold my attention I am on to the next subject, website, email, tweet or link in seconds and barely 5 minutes later I can be looking at a completely new subject from a different part of the world.
So what makes me stop and even buy?  
Beautiful imagery and page layouts can definately hold my attention for minutes. GIFS and video are now becoming more finely tuned, before, I couldn't be bothered spending the time watching a video, but now they seem to be the right length and are more sophisticated, clever and stylish with their 'product' message. 
For me to actually part with money there's a few categories I have, to be considered individually or in combination.

Exclusivity (If its something fabulous I've found that I think no one else has) 
Sense of Purpose (made in Britain, ethically sourced, British Design)
Price (everyone loves a bargain)

To really clinch the deal it goes without saying you need to know your customer. Although cute animals seem to transcend the general diversity, people seem to have personal portfolios of things they like to look at.  
On top of all of this the speed of page loading and having my size available goes without saying

So, I've featured a couple of brands that have held my attention recently below.

Intimissimi's Nero Collection, launched in the last couple of weeks with interesting interactive pages that make you search for the bits of the page you can interact with while a moving gif picture provides an audible background to your search. Eventually you find the video below which is the right side of sexy. I can't quite figure out whether it's swimwear or lingerie but hey, who cares, I hate to label things anyway but it has made me think about going in store to have a closer look and ask a shop assistant.


Miu Miu is becoming quite prolific with the use of video and this particular one held my attention for all 8 minutes and 81 seconds.
Although Miu Miu don't really do lingerie this could've been the perfect video to showcase it, you will see why when you watch it. It's about three different women in age and style all dressed in Miu Miu but the story is paramount and the clothing references are definately seep into your brain. I've never thought of myself as a Miu Miu girl, more Prada but this made me think again, clever.

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