Monday, 15 October 2012

Lana Del Rey: Ride

I often work with Johnny Blueeeyes, the stylist for Lana Del Rey on special pieces for her videos and performances. 
Take a look at the video for her new single 'Ride' and hear about my input

Lana and Johnny always come up with really interesting creative concepts for her videos and there's always a great theme and vision for me to work into whether it's sourcing vintage pieces or making specific garments.
This time was particularly special as I adapted a vintage denim dress that belonged to my mum for Lana. It was originally full length so I cropped it completely into a more Sixties A line silhouette and added new shaping to the top so it fitted Lana perfectly.
As an extra treat Johnny borrowed a pair of cowboy boots from my archive and when they arrived back they came with some Arizona sand attached as a special memento ::))).
See full video below:


  1. Fantastic Sian, just brilliant!

  2. After watching the music video for Ride I fell in love with this dress. I am currently working on making my own fitted denim dress with this as my main inspiration! I actually googled "Lana Del Rey denim dress ride" in search of pictures and that is how I stumbled across this page! I absolutely LOVE that this is a piece you created from something belonging to your mom!!! Amazing work :)

    1. Hey,
      thanks, my mum is still a big inspiration to me, she is always finding vintage pieces and sending them to me it was great to be able to customise this one for Lana as there are never enough days in the year to wear everything myself! and my Mum was so proud to see her wearing it :)


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