Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lingerie and Tattoos

For someone that doesn't have any tattoos I probably have an unhealthy interest in them

I love the way that tattoos dress the body like a permanent protective cover up. I am in awe of the confidence of character to choose a design for life and also to the other extreme by the incredible complacency that designs are sometimes chosen. Unfortunately as much as I am inspired by tattoos it would be like me waking up each morning and looking at my body dressed in the same outfit, a groundhog day nightmare.
I have been collecting this set of images below to look at the interaction of the line of lingerie on the body juxtaposed with tattoos. I wonder if women think about the line of their bra, a garment which most of us wear every single day when they think about the placement of their body art. I had a friend who took her favourite pair of shoes to the tattoo studio to figure out the best place for the art on her foot but do women think about bras, or knickers? The few examples I can think of are the trend for a tattoo at the base of your spine when low rise trousers came into fashion and underarm tattoos when drop armhole T-shirts and sleeveless tops have been on trend over the last few years but maybe these are just 'fashion' tattoo adoptees.
Maybe we will look to design lingerie that better shows off your body art in the future so I will watch with fascination the evolvement of tattoo placement. 

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