Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Old Vic Tunnels: BEDLAM

Yesterday was a long day, I crossed the Thames at least 5 times, on foot,bus and by tube so I was figuring I would just pop in to the Old Vic Tunnels to the launch of BEDLAM the latest Lazarides Art Show. 
Hmmmmm, 4 hours later I emerged into bright neon lit car park somewhere in Waterloo,unfortunately not the one our car was parked in

I can't recommend this show enough. The word is this is the last show that Steve Lazarides will do at the Tunnels and it's an  space worth experiencing. 
Especially to look at pieces of Art that have been inspired by the unstable mind. It's an interactive experience in the nature of the inclusive attitude Steve has about Art. There's pieces you can sit on, interact with and even a few you can lie on, one especially emotive piece looks like a huge hanging garden chair visualised in metal which was inspired but a mental hospital treatment where they spent one year spinning you clockwise and then the next year spinning you anticlockwise.
I also met up with an old friend Jane Fradgley a fashion designer turned artist who is currently working on a project for Guys hospital. She has created a beautiful set of photographs which are projected on the wall of one of the tunnels. They disclose antique restraining garments and hospital gowns in emotive detail that would seriously inspire the Margiela team!


9th - 21st October

The Old Vic Tunnels
Station Approach Rd

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