Sunday, 11 March 2012

David Hockney: A bit of Art on a Sunday

I haven't made it to the David Hockney landscapes exhibition at the Royal Academy in London yet but all the talk around town about the show has reminded me about my favourite Hockney painting.
We two boys together clinging 
In fact, this may be my favourite painting of all time. There's something about the pinky toned colour level that draws me in and then the instantly understandable naivety and yet the more you look the more detail you see. It has something of a childs painting about it showing emotion in a really simplistic but powerful way. 
4.2 is code for Doll Boy which referred to Cliff Richard who Hockney had a crush on at the time.


  1. want to go to Hockney at the Royal Academy?...let me know when you are free and I will book

  2. Looks like all the tickets till April have sold out, they are just releasing tickets each day and you can queue. I am up for it if you are?


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