Monday, 19 March 2012

Playtex Tonique Contour Bra: The future without bra wires?

Traditionally the bras that offer the most support to your bust have not needed wires in them, they are just made of strong rigid fabric that doesn't stretch much so they hold you in place perfectly but unfortunately are not generally very comfortable (or stylish enough!) for us modern women.

 Lets face it, we want and deserve comfort together with support and we have become used to thinking that a wire in a bra actually equals support. 
It is still actually the tightness of a bra around your body that provides support, you should be able to drop your bra straps off your shoulders without your bra moving from around your body.
 The wires just ensure the cups of your bra are more stable, they give your bust shape and help to keep your boobs towards the front of your body!

That said it's a personal bug bear of mine that a real alternative to the bra wire hasn't been invented yet, when you think about how much technology has moved on in the last 10 years and yet everyday women are still wearing a wire in our bras that has been largely unchanged since the 1950s. 
So, I'm really excited to see any new innovation that explores new ways of supporting and shaping our precious assets! 

The Tonique Contour from Playtex is one of the latest new innovations promising maximum comfort and support without an underwire.

The techie bit is a ‘flexi-support’ panel, instead of an underwire, to help support and shape the sides and underneath of your bust. 

The 'flexi-support' is actually moulded inside the bra padding so thats were the comfort bit comes in. It doesn't touch your skin at all and also there's probably no chance of it coming out in the wash!

There's a good size offer, it ranges from 32 to 40 and from a B to F cup and is available in black and pale nude.

Having tried it on I would say it's a great T-shirt bra that is more suitable for fuller busts, which is probably why Playtex are not offering an A cup. It gives you a great shape, a smooth cup and the same support as a wired bra. 
The styling is a bit classic for me there's a spotty mesh panel on the neckline edge which is not really sheer enough to be a real feature but that said it wouldn't put me off buying it.
It is not cheap at £30 but its a good everyday bra that if it works for you could become a favourite in your lingerie drawer.  

You can buy the Playtex Tonique Contour Bra at Debenhams and House of Fraser 

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