Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thierry Mugler: Paris Fashion Week

My obsession with Thierry Mugler goes back a long way........ While at college studying fashion I used to go to Feathers in Hans Crescent, the only store that I could find in London that stocked Mugler at the time and spend ages in the fitting room trying on his crisp pique cotton jackets and skirts, in awe of the cutting, fit, attention detail and general otherworldliness of his creations. 
I loved the OTT showmanship of his fashion shows and his motorbike corset is one of my all time favourite fashion pieces ever. 
I had a dig around and found a sketch book I kept of everything he did, which I have photographed below.
 Seeing the brand develop again each season under the creatorship of Nicola Formichetti is really exciting!*

My Book of Fashion Dreams

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