Thursday, 22 March 2012

Olympics 2012 : Show your colours

Today Stella McCartney gave us the first peek of her designs for the Team GB Olympics kit that she has designed for Adidas.

I am one of the many who is beside themselves with excitement about the Olympics being held in the UK this Summer. 
I have embraced the sporty vibe in the country by enrolling on a Yoga Teacher training course a few weeks ago and so having the right stylish functional underwear is now more than ever, an exciting focus in my life. 

I can't tell you how important it is to wear a good supporting sports bra because once that skin around your boobs is stretched through continual bouncing it never goes back and the only way from then on is downwards!

 One of the simplest most fabulous thing that has happened to exercise underwear is that sports bras are now widely available in a selection of colours hurrah!! I have never understood a white sports bra, they are generally made of hitech but synthetic fabric created to wick away the moisture from the body and they just go grey after being washed regularly.

So my advice is to flash a bright bra strap at the gym, just because you can.

Stella McCartney Tangerine Dream
with built in heart monitor

Victorias Secret VSX range

Victorias Secret VSX range

L♡VE this M&S Sports bra
High impact support in popsicle pink with a smooth cup

My personal Sports Bra collection

 Grrrrrrrr  Victoria Secret Pink tiger print 
OK a fab quick fix is to layer a bright bandeau
over your current sports bra. This will give you extra
support and a pop of colour

 Bright Blue Bra: Sweaty Betty

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