Friday, 2 March 2012

Maidenform: Linea launch at House of Fraser

Last tonight I was lucky enough to nab a VIP ticket to see the launch of Linea the new Maidenform Collection at House of Fraser in Oxford Street. 
As far as smooth, comfortable everyday bras I'm a Maidenform fan. An American brand they have been creating bras since 1922 so they must be doing something right.

The Linea collection is available exclusively at House of Fraser for 6 months

The bra price range is £18 - £25 which I think is pretty reasonable relative to the rest of the market considering the quality of fabric, fit and heritage you are buying into.

Linea by Maidenform will be launching at House of Fraser, this February.

My only complaint is that the collection doesn't have the greatest size range from an A cup up to a E cup. I suppose as all the bras have a certain level of padding they are presuming that it is more suitable for the lower end of the size range. Although the ONE FAB FIT bra would be ideal for larger cup sizes as it is just a barely there liner pad.

The other ranges in the Linea collection are CUSTOM LIFT which tailors the amount of lift you need by cup size. Great idea!

The Dream Collection bra, which is my favourite ♡. The wire is actually sandwiched inside the foam cup so you still get the support but have the soft padding next to your body so you don't get those red marks when the wire digs in.

You really need to go in and try some of these bras on to see what feels most comfortable to you and to feel the gorgeous soft, sueded fabric they are made in.

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